Create Your Own Custom Map

Maps come in all shapes, sizes, locations and formats. In fact, you can turn almost any image into a map – simply by adding informational markers, identified locations and more.

UMapper allows you to upload your own custom map for personalizing and sharing. It’s a great way to ensure that your map meets all of your needs. And it’s easy to do! Sign in to your UMapper account, and use the Upload Custom Map feature on the Create a Map page (Supported image file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF. Maximum size 40MB.)

Learn more by visiting our online UMapper Custom Map Tutorial.

So what are you waiting for? Upload, create and share a wonderful map that is unique to you!

GeoDart Game Challenge

Did you know you can create real, interactive games on UMapper? Play trivia with your friends, test your class, and find creative ways to share knowledge with UMapper’s GeoDart games.

We challenge you! Who can score the highest in our United States Trivia game? And remember, think fast because speed counts. Record your high score at the end.

Can you create a GeoDart game? It’s easy to get started. Who can you challenge??

Look Who’s Mapping!

Want to track your bike voyage across Europe to raise money for a good cause? UMapper’s done it! Want to follow a natural disaster real-time to see those areas effected? UMapper’s done that too!

With so many different people finding so many creative ways to use UMapper, it’s no wonder we discover new uses for our tools every day. Check out some of our engaging, active member maps…

Want to find an ideal State park in Colorado? What are you waiting for, go play!

Or how about a very helpful WikiMap tracking a flood near Fargo, created by a community of users? Make sure your friends and family are safe, and warn others of moving dangers.

And this GeoDart Game has been played over 112,000+ times! Could you pass this geography test?

Now it’s your turn to create a map! The possibilities are endless… what will you do?

Thanks to All of You!

Here are just a few of the kind remarks our users have shared with UMapper:

“Thank you for developing such a great tool! It is really amazing how easy it is to generate simple gis-maps.”Johannes M.

“I love your work, and my students too… very useful for learning geography and more.”    - VM

“Thank you very much for this valuable service!”    - Calvin C.

“My manager… was very happy with the flex umap demo.”    - Vineith K.

“I am a social studies teacher and I made a GeoDart game to help my students. They really enjoyed it.”    - Dustin K.

“Great service, thanks a lot.”    - Tom S.

“I’m loving this… It’s such a great resource, and so much fun. Lots of potential here for teachers of all grades. Keep up the good work.”    - Chris C.

“Great site!”    - Erik B.

“Great map service!”    – Dorio C.

“I love your application.”    - Margalida C.

“Really nice tool”    - Luca S.

I am really, really excited about this map I just made.”    - Jesse Anne W.

So what are you waiting for? It’s easy to get started. Create, manage, distribute and monetize your online maps with UMapper and let us know what you think.

Top Ways to Use a UMapper Map

UMapper maps are easy to create and a wonderful way to share tons of helpful information. Here are some of the top ways our world-wide users have been using UMapper:

1. Share points of interest with location details

Want your customers to know where your offices and stores are located? Want to share trip destinations with family and friends? Create a UMapper map with points of interest; and attach photos, music, links, information and more to each destination. View an Example

2. Track real time events

Is a natural disaster headed your way? Where are the cheapest gas prices today? Use a Wiki UMapper map to enable the help of others to create an up-to-date map with constantly changing information. View an Example

3. Share a route

The routing tool allows UMapper map creators to set planned courses and routes for various situations. Track your adventure as you go, or pre-set your route for others to follow. Add points of interest and information along the way. View an Example

4. Education and learning

Maps are a fabulous learning tool for folks of all ages. Educators and gamers alike are creating GeoDart Games on UMapper to make the learning and gaming process interactive and fun. View an Example

5. Weather and news

Large news and weather organizations use UMapper maps for sharing information in a visual manner. Create maps to show weather around the world. Or create a map to share news stories based on location. And for both add photos, details, information and more. View an Example

So go ahead and get started. Create, manage, distribute and monetize your online maps with UMapper today!