In the Press: UMapper: The mapping tool for all seasons

Yesterday we came across a great post about UMapper by the social media guru Dan Manson in which he gives an in-depth description of our newly released weather template as well as other features. Please read the entire post on Dan’s blog. Here is what Dan thinks about our weather maps:

Creating a UMapper live weather map really is a piece of cake. Just log into UMapper, choose the weather template, zoom in on the area you want to display, save, and copy the resulting code to your blog. Done. Clickable temperature markers show the five-day forecast and US maps have live radar feed too.

We really appreciate everyone who helps spread the word about our service. Here are several of our heroes:

Did we miss anyone? Let us know.

In the Press: UMapper Provides Flash Mapping API to Bing Maps

Chris Pendleton over at Bing Maps evangelist blog wrote a nice overview of our UMap ActionScript Mapping API in context of our partnership with Bing Maps. The entire article can be found here, here is an excerpt:

The Bing Maps Platform team has partnered with AFComponents (AFC) to provide a Flash-based interface for building robust map applications. AFC has created a very robust SDK for creating your Flash-based Bing Maps applications. Supported through AFC, their Flash controls access Bing Maps in a supported fashion and fall inline with the Bing Maps TOUs. If you’re a commercial customer, you still require a commercial license; however, now you no longer have to wrap your own Flash control by accessing our tiles via the Bing Maps Web Service or reverse engineer our tiles schema and URI definitions directly to create your Flash control (a TOU violation!). AFC has you covered – you just need to access their SDK for overlaying data. And, yes, their service get’s Bird’s Eye images so if you love Bird’s Eye and need them in Flash you can get them! And to be clear, if you’re using Flash I really feel your pain with Silverlight just sitting there all ripe and shiny; but, hey, I’m just trying to make your life a little easier until you can convince those directive-pushers that Silverlight is the better option. All in due time.

Also, within the AFC APIs you can access Bing Maps geocoding, routing, POI Search, road maps, aerial maps, hybrid maps, traffic layers and Bird’s Eye photos. You pretty much get everything that’s in the Bing Maps Platform only it’s all made just for Flash developers…

Learn more about UMap features, pricing and licensing options here.

UMapper Custom Maps in the Press

Our newly released custom maps feature received great reviews and tons of media coverage over the past few weeks. We would like to say thanks to all wonderful bloggers who helped us spread the word. Here they are:

In addition, here are some non-English blogs that, we assume, wrote about custom maps feature.

In the Press: UMapper on 10,000 Words

Last week UMapper received a great treatment in the “5 Ways to take your map mashups to the next level” article on the 10,000 Words blog. Here is a quick exerpt:

UMapper has some unique and outstanding features beyond the ability to embed custom Flash-based maps. Map makers can create a GeoDart game in which the user is tasked with pointing to a specific location on a map or use the site to create a map wiki that anyone can edit or share. One of UMapper’s more interesting features is the ability to extract geocoded locations from a block of text or web address. For example, by inputting the URL of the Washington Post’s travel page, UMapper instantly created the map below of all the places mentioned on the site.

Thanks to the 10,000 Words team for spreading the word about UMapper!