GeoDart Game Challenge

Did you know you can create real, interactive games on UMapper? Play trivia with your friends, test your class, and find creative ways to share knowledge with UMapper’s GeoDart games.

We challenge you! Who can score the highest in ourĀ United States Trivia game? And remember, think fast because speed counts. Record your high score at the end.

Can you create a GeoDart game? It’s easy to get started. Who can you challenge??

The Sacramento Bee: Mapping California Taxes

It is well known that maps are great for visualizing complex data sets. A simple map visualization can convey complex information better than any other medium. UMapper publisher The Sacremento Bee has utilized the power of maps to show which areas of California carry the highest tax burden. Check out the map below or see it in California taxes: Who’s paying the most? article on The Sacramento Bee.

Tracking Vancouver Olympic Tweets with UMapper

As we prepare to officially release our Twitter Search template, some of our test maps are getting excellent publicity. The Vancouver Olympics Twitter map has been mentioned on several blogs and has generated quite a bit of buzz on Twitter. Here is the map:

The Twitter template is on its way to being released next week. Thanks to all beta testers for their helpful feedback and to these wonderful bloggers for spreading the word:

Did we miss anyone?

Map of the Week: Honoring Fallen Officer

The map we would like to feature this week it is rather sad. The map shows the route of a funeral procession honoring fallen police officer Cst. Eric Czapnik. Here is an excerpt from the article published on

Thousands of police officers will march in honour of Ottawa police officer Cst. Ireneusz “Eric” Czapnik. Roads along the route will be closed off for the procession. This map will be updated with photos taken along the procession route.

Road closures are marked in red and procession route is marked in green.