Developer Central Update

If you visit UMapper Developer Central you will notice that things are quite a bit different these days. We’ve completely reworked our developer API documentation and added a whole new section for integrators. This should make it quite a bit easier to integrate with UMapper and to build UMapper-powered plugins (see UMapper WordPress plugin). Here is the quick overview of available APIs.

UMapper Simple API (single account access)
This API is completely free and allows developers to connect remotely to their UMapper account via an XML-RPC API. Step by step instructions and the list of available methods can be found here.

UMapper Integrator API
If you are looking to integrate UMapper into your website, or offer map-authoring tools to your user community, this is the API for you. To put it simply, this is a white-label version of UMapper. In addition to the map-management functions, the integrator API provides access to high level user management and platform-wide functionality settings, all with your own branding! More information about the integrator API can be found here.

Pricing of the integrator API varies depending on the size of your project and the amount of data you will store and transfer. For more information, please contact us.

Feel free to contact us with any questions about integration with UMapper.

ActionScript 3.0 Export for Older Maps

It was brought to our attention that the ActionScript 3.0 export feature wasn’t working properly for older maps. This issue has been resolved in the latest version of the editor that we pushed out yesterday.

The ActionScript 3.0 export feature makes it easy to bring your maps into Flash and further customize them. Keep in mind that you need to have the UMap (AS 3.0) Flash Component (free download) in your Flash project’s library in order for this to work. The export button is located right under the big blue save button. When you click it, it will bring up a window with the ActionScript required to replicate your map in Flash. Simply copy and paste the code presented into your Flash project and you are ready to start customizing!

New Editor with Data Linking Released!

To round out a week of several new releases, yesterday, we rolled out a new version of the map editor with several new features and bug fixes. New features include:

Data links tool added
This new tool allows you to add data from other UMapper maps to your map. It’s a very early version that has only been tested with our KML specification, so we could really use your help testing it out. We are working on supporting other feeds and if you have any suggestions for any that you would like us to support, please let us know.

The map below mashes two existing maps: Brett’s Excellent Adventures and Walker Map. To add an existing map to your map, go to the view page, click “GET KML” and paste that link into the data link field. That’s all there is to it!

New options added to the right click menu
In edit mode, right click your map. You’ll see some cool new options there.

Map dragging made easier
Now you can click and hold to drag the map, regardless of what is selected, etc. You can also hold spacebar on any tool to drag the map.

Distances in the info window
There is a new option to add the distance of items such as lines and polygons to the info window. It can be really helpful when you are planning stuff like running routes or escapes from Alcatraz.

We need all the help we can get with testing. Let us know if you see any problems or have any suggestions.