Map of the Week: Swine Flu Pandemic

As World Health Organization declared a swine flu pandemic last week, we wanted to feature a related map that looked at the issue from a local level. The map we chose illustrates the Swine flu pandemic has begun, 1st in 41 years article on The map shows all the confirmed Swine Flu cases per town in Connecticut as of June 10, 2009.

Red: 1 Dark Blue: 2 Grey: 3 Yellow: 4 Dark Green: 5+ Lime Green: 10+ Orange: 20+ Bright Blue: 50+

New Release: UMapper WordPress Plugin

We are excited to announce the release of a major upgrade to the UMapper WordPress Plugin that brings the full richness of UMapper functionality into the WordPress environment. If you are looking to add interactive maps (and map games) to to your blog we highly recommend you give our plugin a try.

Download UMapper WordPress plugin now!

The plugin’s architecture has been completely reworked for lighter weight and faster performance. Here some of the new features:

  • Compatible with WordPress versions starting from 2.5.1 and up to 2.7.1
  • Language support for Czech, Finnish, Italian, Russian
  • Supports all current and future templates
  • Full GeoDart support – create map games directly from your blog!
  • New map providers – Bing Maps, CloudMade
  • Full Synchronization between your WordPress and UMapper accounts

Special thanks goes to Gianni Diurno, Jaakko Kangosjärvi, Lukáš Daněk for their help with the translation. Let us know if you can help translate UMapper to other languages.

As always, we are looking forward to your feedback. Let us know what features you would like to see in the next version.

Air France Flight 447

The tragic story of the disappearance of Air France Flight 447 has made its way onto maps. This week’s feature is the Air France Flight AF447 locations map by easytouch.

As far as we know, the map is being continuously updated as more news become available.

In addition, there were few other maps on the same subject:

Bing Maps in UMapper

You might have noticed that the branding of Microsoft maps in UMapper has been changed from Virtual Earth to Bing. The change is due to the launch of a new search engine and the rebranding of Microsoft maps. The logo update is the first of many changes to come, and you can read more on the subject here.

We are working closely with the Bing team to ensure the transition goes smoothly. All changes will be rolled out automatically and there is no action needed on your part. That said, we are still going to keep you posted on our progress.