Premium Account Cost Calculator

Following up on the release of UMapper Premium we’ve developed a Premium Account Cost calculator widget to help calculate monthly usage costs. Simply drag the slider below to see the cost for your usage tier.

As you can see even if your website generates tens of thousands monthly views, it will still cost under ten dollars per month.

You can upgrade your current account with a single click!

New Release! UMapper Premium

Say hello to UMapper Premium – the new account type that unlocks some great new features and allows you to do more with UMapper. To see how Premium compares to the Basic (FREE) account you can take a look at the product comparison matrix. Here are some of the new features:

  • Commercial Use
  • FREE custom template (see customization guide)
  • No UMapper ads other than your own
  • Ad revenue-share if ads are served
  • Detailed map usage reports and more…

How much does it cost?
The pricing is extremely affordable and consists of several tiers. You pay only for what you use without any up-front costs. Usage fees are collected at the end of each month based on the number of map views.

For example, if your maps generate 50,000 map views, your monthly bill will be $12.50 based on the following equation 50,000*$0.00025=$12.5. Here is the pricing matrix.

Monthly map views Cost
0-50,000 $0.00025
50,001-250,000 $0.00023
250,001-500,000 $0.00021
500,001-1M $0.00019
Above 1M $0.00017

You can upgrade your current account with a single click!

Quick Review of WhereCamp5280

The first WhereCamp5280 turned out to be an excellent event, complete with interesting presentations, great networking opportunities and a fantastic after party. We were proud to sponsor the event as well as to present there. Our presentation, and a few others are embedded below.

Games, The New Geo-Frontier! by Andrei Taraschuk

WhereCamp5280 NeoGeoSchmeo by Peter Batty

OpenStreetMap by Steve Coast

Eliminating Barriers to Data Sharing by James Fee

New Release! UMap 1.6.8 with Bird’s Eye

The new version of UMap API is here! The biggest features of this release is the integration with Bird’s Eye imagery and POI Search. In addition, we fixed several minor bugs (routing narrative, Bing Maps production urls) reported by our wonderful users.

Download UMap API v.1.6.8
View Documentation

New Features

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