We’re in BETA

After more than six months of rigorous testing, constant improvements and new feature releases, UMapper is rolling into BETA. Thank you for accelerating UMapper’s evolution and helping to make it better!

Over the past months UMapper has enjoyed fast growth, high user participation and raving reviews from Mashable, Google Maps Mania and many others. Keir Clarke, the editor for Google Maps Mania says:

“It is one of the better map creation tools that I have seen. It excels in the amount of options it gives the user.”

So, what can you do with UMapper?

  • Create maps using Microsoft Virtual Earth, Google or OpenStreetMap
  • Draw Lines, Points, Polygons, Circles
  • Search Wikipedia and Geonames for geo-tagged entries
  • Import GPS (.gpx) traces, KML and GeoRSS feeds

In addition, you also can:

  • Integrate UMapper into your website via our API
  • Share maps on your website, blog or social network
  • Resize embedded maps
  • Restrict access to your maps or create publicly editable map Wiki’s
  • Invite people to edit your maps
  • And much more …

If you haven’t visited UMapper lately, you should definitely check out some of the new features we have added. Let us know about features you’d like to see and what we can do better. Most of all, thanks for your support!

The UMapper Team

3 thoughts on “We’re in BETA

  1. Keep up the good work! It’s really the best map service and i allready used it for one of projects.

    One thing, when scrolling in the embed map, the browser scrolls too! And it would be also very nice if we could upload (small size) pictures into the map.


  2. @ Garrett

    We are currently working on adding extended search which will include addresses, zip codes and more. This functionality is on the top of our priority list, we should be able to include it into one of the upcoming releases.

    @ Dennis

    Thanks for your suggestions, I am going to pass them down to our technical team.

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