New Release! Display Real-Time Tweets on your Maps

After two weeks of intensive testing, the Twitter Search template is ready for release! It is now easier than ever to create interactive maps with real-time Twitter feeds. You can display all tweets from a location or filter results by a specific keyword.

Here is how it works:

Pretty easy! Create your first Twitter map right now.

Here is what people are saying about weather in Vancouver. Check it out in full screen (button in top-right corner).

As with all of our other templates, this one supports all of the standard features of UMapper. You can add custom icons, audio overlays, images and all other previously-released features.

The Twitter search is created using Tweetr ActionScript 3.0 library.

8 thoughts on “New Release! Display Real-Time Tweets on your Maps

  1. really nice feature. it would be great if we can filtrate the default twitts that appear in it. i mean creating twitt maps for an specific word (or hashtag).


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