Create Your Own Custom Map

Maps come in all shapes, sizes, locations and formats. In fact, you can turn almost any image into a map Рsimply by adding informational markers, identified locations and more.

UMapper allows you to upload your own custom map for personalizing and sharing. It’s a great way to ensure that your map meets all of your needs. And it’s easy to do!¬†Sign in to your UMapper account, and use the Upload Custom Map feature on the Create a Map page (Supported image file formats: JPG, PNG, GIF. Maximum size 40MB.)

Learn more by visiting our online UMapper Custom Map Tutorial.

So what are you waiting for? Upload, create and share a wonderful map that is unique to you!

2 thoughts on “Create Your Own Custom Map

  1. My image uploads successfully, says it’s being converted to a map, and then does not appear on the list of map providers. The selection jumps to “Yahoo” instead. I have tried several different images in both .jpg and .png formats. Any idea what’s wrong?

    (This is what I want to work with:

  2. I am trying to upload an image (png, 1.17mb, 5180x2500px) but it doesn’t seem to be working. A message apperars and says that the file was succesfully uploaded, but the map is nowhere to be seen.

    Any help?

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