Did You Know? All About Maps

Here are some interesting facts about maps:
• A map is a graphic representation or scale model of spatial concepts.
• Anything can be converted into a map, even your living room sofa!
• Cartography is the art and science of making maps.
• The oldest known maps are from about 2300 B.C., preserved on Babylonian clay tablets.
• Mapmakers usually color maps so that two countries that have a border are colored differently. In 1852, student William Guthrie discovered that he only needed four colors to color a map. No matter how complicated the map, four colors were always enough.
• Today’s online and mobile maps are slowly replacing paper maps.
• The future of maps will be 3-D, dynamic, real-time, completely personalized and so much more.

“We don’t want a monoculture where there is just one map of the world. There never has been; there never will be.” — Google

And here are some fun ways UMapper can help:
• Enables the creation and management of online maps
• Compatible with customized maps – upload whatever you want
• Supports Flash maps
• Allows online maps to be easily distributed
• Facilitates the monetization of online maps
• Embeds maps on your website and mobile platforms

“Thank you for providing an online product that is a great asset.” — UMapper Community Member

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