GeoDart Games – Are You Game?

Hosted by UMapper, GeoDart is a geography trivia game where users can create or answer geographical questions by placing locations (darts) on the map. Games can be created for any map, standard or custom, and can use any question whose answer can be placed on the map.

It’s easy to get started… simply create a free, basic UMapper account and follow the steps on the website to create a GeoDart game. Users can build, share, manage and monetize their GeoDart games.

To learn more about creating GeoDart games, visit our GeoDart Game Tutorial.

And, try to play some of our most popular GeoDart games:

1. Countries and Capitals – This GeoDart Game focuses on internationals countries and capitals, and has been played over 132,000+ times! Can you pass this geography test?

2. USA State Trivia – This GeoDart Game focuses on placing state locations on the map, and has been played over 120,000+ times! How well do you know the USA?

GeoDart games are creative, and can be used in so many ways… make a game for fun, start a contest or competition, create a game for educational purposes, publish your game in a blog, share your game on your company website, embed your game in social media, and so much more.

So, are you game?

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