UMapper Usage in the Real World

Ever wondered who UMapper users are and how they use our mapping application? With map embeds on over FIVE THOUSAND unique URLs, the variety of usage is staggering. It is difficult to single out a particular usage scenario. With that said, there is one common denominator uniting our users, and it is the desire to create awesome interactive maps. Here are major usage categories:

The Sacramento Bee
Palm Beach Post
Sign On San Diego
The Modesto Bee
Lemon Drop
Sports / Recreation
Lazy Cyclist
My Weekend Ride
Golf Coat Mississippi
White Water Rafting in SungaiSedim
Mr & Mrs – Draft Itinerary
Nomadic Frog
Landscape Diary – Across Romania
Local Business Location
The Creamery Restaurant
Kristina Murray Solicitors
The Flying Squirrel
Katonah Dining Guide
Real Estate
Windermere Real Estate
Overseas Property Mall
Event Scheduling and Planning
Props & Ops
Entertainment Plus
Strawbale House
Condition Critical
Texoma Valley District
Solace Ministries Sound Studio Project
Gamma Piu

Aside from categories listed above, there are additional ones like Social Networking, Media (Display photos, Videos), Government, Local Businesses and more. If you have a new category or a cool usage example, please let us know!

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