New! Time Control, Keyboard Shortcuts and Improved KML Import

We are excited to have squeezed in another UMapper release before the end of the year. Here is the list of new features and improvements:

Time Control for Markers
This feature is the first of a two part release which will allow users to control a point’s time stamp and appearance on a time-line. Now you can associate a marker with a specific time. To see the feature in action, add a marker and select Marker Date/Time option (little clock icon), then specify the time in the dialog box.

Keyboard Shortcuts
In order to streamline the map authoring process we’ve added the following keyboard shortcuts:

  • Save: Ctrl+S or Shift+S
  • Export ActionScript: Ctrl+E or Shift+E
  • Select Tool: V
  • Preview/Pointer: A
  • Zoom: Z (With zoom tool selected, use Shift to zoom out on mouse click)
  • Space: Hand
  • Marker: M
  • Line: L
  • Polygon: P
  • Circle: C
  • Rectangle: R

KML Import
The KML import engine got significantly smarter and more tolerable of malformed KML files. We can now import fancy maps like this one.

That’s it, let us know if you see anything funky. Happy new year!

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