Import GPS Traces, KML Files and GeoRSS feeds

Creating maps with UMapper just got easier. The new version of our map-authoring application makes it a snap to import GPS traces, KML (Google Earth) files and GeoRSS feeds. Data can be imported directly from your desktop or a geo-enabled website. To illustrate this functionality, we created a sample map (below) which was imported from

The import functionality is still in beta, let us know if you find bugs or have any feature suggestions.

In addition to data import, our map-authoring application got a new, streamlined look! If you haven’t already, check it out.

3 thoughts on “Import GPS Traces, KML Files and GeoRSS feeds

  1. I’m trying to use kml files from Google Earth (5.1.3534.0411) and I’m getting an error message. I’m trying to import then one by one, as I could find no way to move the whole map with my points (kmz). It’s very frustrating. I had to save everyone of 77 points manually, and then I find that I can’t bring them in. Do you have any idea what is causing this?


  2. I think I figured out the problem. I’m using data points for Chile, and some of the file names had accents or ñ’s in them. Still, it’d be nice if there were a better way than saving each point.

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