Thanks to All of You!

Here are just a few of the kind remarks our users have shared with UMapper:

“Thank you for developing such a great tool! It is really amazing how easy it is to generate simple gis-maps.”Johannes M.

“I love your work, and my students too… very useful for learning geography and more.”    - VM

“Thank you very much for this valuable service!”    - Calvin C.

“My manager… was very happy with the flex umap demo.”    - Vineith K.

“I am a social studies teacher and I made a GeoDart game to help my students. They really enjoyed it.”    - Dustin K.

“Great service, thanks a lot.”    - Tom S.

“I’m loving this… It’s such a great resource, and so much fun. Lots of potential here for teachers of all grades. Keep up the good work.”    - Chris C.

“Great site!”    - Erik B.

“Great map service!”    – Dorio C.

“I love your application.”    - Margalida C.

“Really nice tool”    - Luca S.

I am really, really excited about this map I just made.”    - Jesse Anne W.

So what are you waiting for? It’s easy to get started. Create, manage, distribute and monetize your online maps with UMapper and let us know what you think.

Top Ways to Use a UMapper Map

UMapper maps are easy to create and a wonderful way to share tons of helpful information. Here are some of the top ways our world-wide users have been using UMapper:

1. Share points of interest with location details

Want your customers to know where your offices and stores are located? Want to share trip destinations with family and friends? Create a UMapper map with points of interest; and attach photos, music, links, information and more to each destination. View an Example

2. Track real time events

Is a natural disaster headed your way? Where are the cheapest gas prices today? Use a Wiki UMapper map to enable the help of others to create an up-to-date map with constantly changing information. View an Example

3. Share a route

The routing tool allows UMapper map creators to set planned courses and routes for various situations. Track your adventure as you go, or pre-set your route for others to follow. Add points of interest and information along the way. View an Example

4. Education and learning

Maps are a fabulous learning tool for folks of all ages. Educators and gamers alike are creating GeoDart Games on UMapper to make the learning and gaming process interactive and fun. View an Example

5. Weather and news

Large news and weather organizations use UMapper maps for sharing information in a visual manner. Create maps to show weather around the world. Or create a map to share news stories based on location. And for both add photos, details, information and more. View an Example

So go ahead and get started. Create, manage, distribute and monetize your online maps with UMapper today!

Happy 2011

Happy New Year, UMapper friends! 2011 promises to be an exciting year for our community.

Do you love maps as much as we do? A single snapshot with the ability to share so much information. What’s your favorite map?

Or have you ever thought about trying to make and share an online map, but been too intimidated? At UMapper it is easy and free. Check out some maps our members have been making, or create and share your own map.

Want to stump your friends, family and co-workers? Build a free GeoDart trivia game, on any topic, anywhere in the world you want. And test your knowledge at some of the GeoDart games our members have built.

Thanks for sharing in this experience with us. What are your mapping goals for 2011?

UMap API Gets a New Home

Earlier this month we announced that our ActionScript 3.0 mapping API, UMap, will be moving to UMapper. Today we are pleased to say that the move has been completed and UMap now lives on the UMapper Developers page. A few helpful links:

UMap is the Universal ActionScript 3.0 (Flex 4) Mapping API. The scalable component model allows developers to create rich mapping applications with interactive data layers. Our API enables developers to build fully-customized solutions. The current version is integrated with map data from OpenStreetMap, Bing Maps, CloudMade, Yahoo, DigitalGlobe, MapQuest, ArcGIS and Zoomify.

UMapper Sells Advanced Flash Components: What’s Next?

Back in 2007 while working on interactive mapping APIs (Google’s GMap and UMap) at Advanced Flash Components, we saw an opportunity to simplify the process of creation, tracking and distribution of interactive maps and decided to peruse it by building UMapper. After UMapper’s launch in 2008, it quickly became apparent that there was a strong demand for UMapper’s services and we shifted all the companies resources to it.

Last week we announced the sale of Advanced Flash Components (here, here and here). The sale opens a new chapter in our company’s history as it solidifies our commitment to UMapper and makes it possible to focus 100% of our resources on the project. All and all, very exciting stuff!

The biggest change to come out of the sale will be the move of UMap from AFComponents to UMapper. Starting this week we will be moving the API to UMapper along with documentation, support and everything else. From the license standpoint there are no changes. We will continue all current licenses and service level agreements under UMapper’s brand. We will keep posting updates on this blog as we introduce new changes. Stay tuned.